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This town is the most important urban center in the East of Syria. Situated on the banks of the Euphrates, flowing gently through the plain, Deir-ez-Zor, stands guard to the five bridges that span the river, the lifeline of the regional economy and navigable corridor of civilization through the ages. Countless armies, conquerors and merchants have come and gone leaving behind a legacy of cultural and architectural diversity in public and private stone buildings and flower gardens. 

Deir Ezzor is well placed for access to important archaeological sites.

85 Km to the southeast stands Doura Europos, founded in 300 BC on the Euphrates bank by Seleucus Nikator and destroyed by the Sassanids on 256 AD. It was a river port and caravan staging point on the silk route. 16 temples of different religions have been discovered on the site. 

Another important historical and archaeological site is Mari, a kingdom which flourished in the 3rd millennium BC. The city was the capital of the 10th dynasty after the flood. Excavations revealed the remains of a 300 room palace, with a great library stacked with 20,000 cuneiform tablets. 

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